High purity epitaxial growth techniques
- Modeling of epitaxial growth processes and intrinsic grown-in point defects
- Epitaxial fabrication techniques, epi layer processing, interaction with substrate properties
- In situ doping and activation
- Strain engineering, strain management and relaxation

Impurity related and intrinsic bulk defects
- Point defect mechanisms and clustering, influence of doping concentrations, carrier lifetime behavior
- Group IV doping effects in group IV semiconductors
- Doping in III-V and III-N alloys
- Ab initio calculations of point and extended defect properties

Diagnostic techniques
- Lifetime and impurity level studies, spectroscopic techniques, spreading resistance probing, Hall-effect, electron paramagnetic resonance
- Characterization techniques relevant to the assessment of impurities and defects

      • Device and integration aspects
        - Radiation and high energy particle detectors, avalanche photodiodes, strip- and pixel detectors, infrared components, power devices, radiation hardening of    materials and devices; photonic components
        - Flexible electronics and 3D integration
  • - Device physics, noise performance, low temperature operation, reliability aspects